37 - Ceremonial Matcha - New packaging!


This bright green beverage has a sweet vegetal flavor with a creamy mouthfeel and contains a high concentration of vitamins as well as caffeine. Essential for anyone with a wellness based lifestyle. Feel vibrant in no time when drinking this as your morning pick me up. Shade-grown and stone-ground in in Uji Prefecture, Japan.

1.2oz tin: 24-26 servings

2.4oz tin: 48-50 servings


Japanese Tencha Tea
1.2 oz
2.4 oz
How To Steep
Scoop 1/2 teaspoon of tea into a small bowl. Add a splash of 170F water and whisk to make a paste. Add an additional 4-5 oz of water and whisk more vigorously in a "W" shape to dissolve fully.
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