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The Wilderness Line

Sep 14th, 2022

Replete with sublime views, high alpine lakes, mountain vistas, flower-filled meadows and tumbling, crystal-clear streams, Montana’s wilderness is the setting of dreams. Here at Steep Mountain we are unspeakably lucky to have wilderness as our backyard. We seek mountains and hit the trails in our free time, following the call of quiet, secret places where the ancient language of nature is spoken.

We’ve been inspired by the splendor of our surroundings to curate a “Wilderness” tea line, with six different teas we feel evoke wild, enchanting places – places that strengthen us, that humble us, that urge us to pay attention. 

Backcountry Chai package in the mountains
Backcountry Chai will rouse your senses as a morning brew in the mountains.


When I’m out in the woods I always pack along a thermos of tea. “Meadowlark” for mornings, or iced “Jasmine Springs” green tea for energy and refreshment in the afternoon. A walk in the wilderness is an opportunity to find healing, harmony, and wonder in every step, and to appreciate the significance of what we carry with us. When camping my favorite go-to in the chilly mountain mornings is Backcountry Chai as the combination of roasted yerba mate and smoky Lapsang Souchong pairs well with a morning campfire.

Wilderness Line loose leaf tea with a mountain background
Teas in our Wilderness Line are all packaged in commercial compostable pouches.


We have chosen packaging for this line that is completely compostable in commercial facilities. By doing so we honor the natural landscapes that bring us connection, healing, and joy, and seek to preserve them for generations to come.

Our Wilderness Line is currently available for purchase from our online shop.